My Morning Routine for a Feel Good Day

6 am

COFFEE! My day does not start without coffee. I don’t really use words until I get a cup of java in me there’s a solid 30 minutes of grunting and shuffling around. But then, lookout! I am ready to go. Full transparency -since Covid, my morning routine has changed drastically, but I am content with it and hope that it has some sustainability.

7 am

After coffee and a little bit of news, I make the kids their lunch and send them off to school. Mornings are mostly when my partner and I get to catch up, so after the kids go to school, we usually spend about 30 minutes catching up on life. Then he goes his way, and I go my way for the day. 

8 am

I take Tucker (our pup) every morning for an 8 -10k power walk down by the beach (in which I usually grab another Starbucks coffee or our local espresso bar). My morning walks are where all the magic happens. Walking becomes meditative for me, I spend the first 10 minutes listening to binaural beats. There are multiple benefits associated with Binaural beats like increased creativity, cognitive enhancement, reduced anxiety, and improved mood. They help you enter a meditative state, improve sleeping habits, and help improve focus, attention, and memory retention. After my beats, I will listen to a book on audible or a podcast. Currently, I am listening to Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza, and I am obsessed with Andrew Huberman’s podcast the “Huberman Lab’. I like to listen to science-based materials.

I usually take 2 breaks from listening to anything on my walk to be completely present with Tucker. I take him to the off-leash areas and give myself that time to observe. It’s fascinating to me how animals interact with one another. This exercise is conscious for me and a tool that I use to harness mindfulness. I find that by doing this, I can find complete joy in the present moment. 

And then last but not least, I stop at the same bench every day that looks over Lake Ontario, and I do my meditation; Tucker sits there in stillness with me. Depending on the day and my energy levels/mood I will choose different meditations. My favourite is the Chakra meditation that I learnt over 20 years ago by Alan Finger. It does take some time, so if I am on a time budget, I will choose to do a breathing meditation or one based on loving-kindness. However, my meditations always start and finish the same way. I begin with gratitude and specifically gratitude for my health and wellness, and that of my family and friends and I end with asking the Universe to continue to guide me and show me my path to purpose.

Walking is magic for me. I get exercise, I get to meditate, I get to be educated, and to experience pure joy. 

9 am

After my walk, I get home and prepare myself for rehab. No, I still have not eaten at this point, as I am generally not hungry in the morning, and I believe there are benefits to fasting. Before going to rehab, I take all of my supplements. At one point, I was taking 58 a day just to function and keep my immune system strong. I am down to about 20 these days. I won’t mention them all, but the ones I swear by are: Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 & B6, Magnesium, Zinc, Glutamine, Omega 3, Glycerophosphocholine, Acetyl – L- Carnitine. Oh, and Collagen! (which I sneak into my coffee!). 

10 am

Rehab is next. Rehab changes daily, as I require different things, but typically I do physical therapy 3-4 days a week, focusing on strengthening my back and neck (which are still very damaged from the accident). Alternatively, I do integrative neuroplasticity to help heal my brain. I also see an Osteopath, a massage therapist, and a neuropsychologist. My rehab is what some people would consider a day’s work! It takes over 2 hours of my day – every day. My rehab ends at noon and then I’m ready to start my workday!