Reebok X Jana Webb #bemorehuman

I have done many partnerships and endorsement deals in the past, but I have to say one of my favourites and most rewarding was with Reebok. 

First and foremost, they took me on shortly after my car accident, knowing the condition I was in – this says a lot about who they are as a brand. Secondly, Reebok was truly committed to working together. They took my ideas and supported the creative and (most importantly) executed the vision. 

The partnership started with a full-on photoshoot with myself and my Joga team wearing the brand. Strategically from a business lens, this took care of a few things. It showed me and JOGA partnered with a global brand, which immediately gave us credibility. I also was so excited to share my opportunity with the Joga Coaches. I wanted them to feel like superstars and gain the same excitement that I know these types of experiences offer.

After that shoot, Reebok flew me out to Whistler, Canada, to participate in their annual sales meeting. I presented a Keynote called Nothing is An Accident and took the entire Reebok/Adidas team through a JOGA session. Then we had this thought—a JOGA X REEBOK fashion show, but of course not just a traditional runway fashion show. I had this idea of a JOGA flash mob, in which our JOGA coaches would perform a JOGA program in flash mob style at Toronto Fashion week. From a marketing standpoint, I thought it would be a good idea to let buyers see how the Reebok gear would move in real-time, doing real activity. The show was epic.

When I walked on stage, it felt like my comeback, I felt on top of the world again. The reviews were amazing, and we caused some disruption in the fashion industry, which is what I always like to do. Following that epic event, next up was CanFitPro – which is probably one of the most recognized fitness expos in Canada. Reebok was a title sponsor of the event and asked me to be the keynote speaker for the opening ceremonies.

At this time, Reebok had started a campaign called ‘Be More Human’, the perfect platform for me to tell my story. I again showcased the ‘Nothing Is an Accident’ presentation, which essentially is a message about being content with both the good and bad experiences in life as each event is a bread crumb on the path to where we are going and meant to be. The message is also about being accountable, all of us-  for our bodies and our minds, knowing that at any moment we could be faced with adversity – the stronger we are, the more ability we have to overcome life’s challenges.

Next on my journey with Reebok was a trip to Boston to tour the Reebok Headquarters. I already loved the brand, but going there and learning the history brought me a whole new layer of respect. They were one of the first to make a running shoe, I believe it was a shoe to sprint in. If my memory serves me, it was made of some wood, rubber and some nails sticking out of the bottom – whatever it was, it looked archaic! Their showroom of vintage apparel was the most liked I have ever seen. What’s even more fascinating – is that the styles have resurfaced. I guess like history, fashion repeats itself! 

My grand finale with Reebok was an epic event with the one and only Kaitlyn Bristowe! We got to co-host a fitness event in Toronto Canada with some of Canada’s health and wellness icons. The event centred around the launch of the new Reebok sports bra. The event was a hot sweaty mess- in the best possible way! 

My partnership with Reebok came to an end, but the memories and the experiences we created together will live forever. The number one thing I learned from Reebok was the power of the brand – of course, the dream being that JOGA will one day be a legacy brand like Reebok!