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Innovator. Creator. Entrepreneur. Business Woman. Teacher. Mother. TEDx Presenter. Published Fitness Writer. TV Host.  Ambassador. Media Sensationalist.


This is Jana Webb; a lifelong athlete, industry disruptor, and overall loveable woman who has made it her mission to share her inimitable perspective of fitness and health with the world.


The creation of Jana Webb’s brainchild JOGA was a fortuitous occurrence born out of a seemingly unfortunate event.  Before this chapter of her life, Jana was a successful Television host and actress but it wasn’t until a serious car accident that inflicted some physical ailments that her acting coach suggested she try Yoga breathing tecniques  as a rehabilitative practice.  Low and behold, a Yogi was born, but not the traditional kind; having always been somewhat of a ‘jock’ Jana was able to morph her Ishta Yoga training from Japan in such a fashion that complimented her competitive athletic nature. In 2010, JOGA: a unique blend of postures and breathing techniques was born and has been revolutionarily helping people strengthen their mind and bodies ever since.


Wanting to bridge the gap between fitness and yoga, she developed a number of sport specific programs including Yoga for Golfers and Yoga for Runners to help people apply better practices to help them excel at their sport. before developing the JOGA program.

Having found her niche market in the realm of high-performance and elite athletes, she’s been able to capture the attention of valuable media sources with highlights in the Toronto Star, Now magazine and an opportunity to be an industry professional speaker at the 2014 OptiMYz Conference.


Jana’s success digs deeper; having inspired Olympic and professional athletes all over North America in the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, and CFL to not only see the benefit of practicing JOGA, but to want to as well. This incredible milestone has allowed her to travel with teams like the Toronto Argonauts to The Dominican Republic to train JOGA.


Jana is in the midst of expanding the JOGA world with her certification program to allow other health professionals, yoga instructors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists and strength coaches to become JOGA certified.  There are currently over 300 JOGA ambassadors world wide.
Jana’s relatable spirit and wonderful sense of humor are what has brought her to be one of the six Real Housewives of Toronto.

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Slice has just announced the final casting of The Real Housewives of Toronto, and we can’t wait to watch the first episode....

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